Day in the Life at Honest Nutrition

Day in the Life at Honest Nutrition

Hi guys!  I have seen some other nutrition bloggers post “WIAW” (What I Ate Wednesday) or “Day in the Life” posts that are so fun, so I thought I would give it a shot!  I’m going to give you a glimpse into a typical  Honest Nutrition day for me including what I ate.  I set the intention to take a picture of everything I ate throughout the day and it was much more difficult than I expected.  So I’m missing a few pics because I forgot!  Oops!

5:40am- Alarm goes off.  Jump out of bed,  get my workout clothes on, fill up water bottle, grab 2 shot bloks and run out the door.  My friend Sarah is picking me up for another round at Orange Theory Fitness (OTF)

6:00-7:00am- We get our butts kicked by Jessica at OTF.  I have been loving these classes lately since they opened up a studio right by my house.   I love getting my day started with a sweat sesh.  It truly energizes me for the rest of the day (or at least until about 7pm!)

7:30-9:00am- I shower and make myself a bomb breakfast! I’m pretty hungry after my AM workout, so I take the time to prepare a nutrient dense breakfast.  Breakfast today consists of whole wheat english muffin topped with 1/2 avocado and 2 eggs.  I also have a side of raspberries and some green juice.  Before I run out the door I take a Good Belly probiotic shot and make myself a Nespresso coffee with almond milk foam for the road.

IMG_4428 IMG_4430 IMG_4431

9:30-11:00am Arrive at my office and have my first Honest Nutrition client.

11:00am- Administration time! Time to make/return phone calls, check emails, and of course have a snack 🙂 I always have a bag of Somersaults on hand in the office.  I have serious feelings for cinnamon crunch Somersaults! I’m told cocoa is also a good flavor, but I haven’t strayed yet. I also finish the green juice from breakfast.  I’m loving Pressed Juicery Greens 1.5 lately.


Greens 1.5











12:00-1:00pm- The Honest Nutrition mascot, Bailey, has a vet appointment.  I bring my sidekick to the office most days.  My clients adore him and he spends most of his day laying at my client’s feet while they pet him during session.  I strongly believe that animals are incredibly therapeutic and Bailey provides comfort and happiness to my clients (and me!).  So we make a quick stop at Starbucks before heading to the vet for a few vaccinations that are due.

Of course the RD dog has an apple toy!

Of course the RD dog has an apple toy!


grande soy misto + 1 pump pumpkin spice!

1:30pm- Lunch time!  I stopped by an adorable local cafe on my way back to the office and picked up a pre-made Cobb salad. I was so distracted by its deliciousness I forgot to take a picture!

2:30-6:30pm- My afternoon is busy with Honest Nutrition clients.

6:30-7:00pm- Finish up some paper work and call in an order for Thai take out.  The weather has started to cool off (finally!) and I’m craving pumpkin curry.  And like I tell my clients….when something is calling your name HAVE IT!


pumpkin curry with tofu and chicken pad thai

7:30-8:30pm- Arrive home and the hubs and I eat our Thai take out and watch an episode of  Mr. Robot

8:30pm- Chocolate time!  We always have 2-4 squares of dark chocolate after dinner.  This is my favorite kind!

9:00pm- Clean up kitchen while the hubs takes the dog out before bed.

9:30pm- Get ready for bed and lights out!

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